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Meet Luvie

Entrepreneur, Voice Over Artist, Producer, Podcaster, Media Trainer, Spiritual Life Coach, Dream Interpreter, and more!

Luvie is a media personality with a background in radio & tv broadcasting holding degrees and certifications for Communications and Radio & TV Broadcasting. She is the former Program Director for Trident Technical College online radio station where she created & executive produced Luvie's Lounge Radio Show. She is the current creator & executive producer of #TheyCallMeLuv Podcast and CEO of They Call Me Luv Productions LLC.  where she offer media training, voice overs and more. She continues to perfect her craft but also follows the direction from the Most High! Luvie walks in her purpose and uses her gifts from above to be a go to for prophetic spiritual guidance and dream interpretation. She is the graduate of the WLMI Apostolic Prophetic Academy where she learned about using her prophetic gift for guidance and dream interpretation. Following a calling she created #TheyCallMeLuvDreams a life coaching and dream interpretation opportunity for those who want to develop their prophetic gifts and receive guidance and support while on your spiritual journey! Stay tuned for more from They Call Me Luv Productions, LLC. 

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